Ball Tricks

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Mini-Zombie Ball (Ball & Wand) Abbotts Giant Sponge
Mini-Zombie Ball (Ball & Wand)Abbotts Giant Sponge
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The performer covers the ball with a silk pocket hank and while he holds the corners of the handkerchief, the ball begins to rise in a ghostly manner! It floats away under the hank, up & down and finally rests on the edge of the hank.
Three sponges placed in a hand vanish and to the surprise of the spectators a giant sponge



Abbotts Phantosphere Abbotts Pogo Ball
Abbotts PhantosphereAbbotts Pogo Ball
This trick can be done anywhere! Easy to do! Mystifying! A real thriller!When the doors are removed, the ball is seen to be resting inside the mouth of the glass!



Astro Ball Ball & Vase - Brass
Astro BallBall & Vase - Brass
Ball travels from one glass to the other3 3/4 inches Tall Solid Brass Work of Art



Ball and Vase Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square
Ball and VaseColor Changing Ball to Jumbo Square
The perfect magic trick for beginners.The spectator makes his choice and to his surprise a large (2 1/2") red sponge cube is resting on the magician’s palm.



Equinox V.2 Giant Telesphere
Equinox V.2Giant Telesphere
What is Equinox?

Well imagine Body Languagee or Max Maven's fantastic
You could say that Giant Telesphere is a large scale cup routine with transparent tubes. But it is visible from a distance, can be performed in front of a small audience and while surrounded, and requires absolutely no sleight of hand.



Golf Ball & Silk Haunted Schwocho Box by Dave Schwocho
Golf Ball & Silk Haunted Schwocho Box by Dave Schwocho
A vase is opened, and a white handkerchief removed from inside. The handkerchief is magically "rolled" into a solid ball. The ball is placed in your pocket, and reappears inside the vase. The vase is tapped, and the ball magically penetrates...One of the funnest effects to perform and witness is the new Schwocho Box. A new twist on the old jumping ball effects that brings this effect into the 21st century.



Mind Ball Multiplying Steel Ball - Jumbo
Mind BallMultiplying Steel Ball - Jumbo
MIND BALL is a custom-made Magic 8 Ball-type device that allows for a routine that combines solid amazement with built-in amusement. It just may be the ultimate party trick -- wherever you have a group of people, you can perform MIND BALL. Check out the demo!A steel ball changes from one into five balls in the magician's hand. Just like the multiplying balls but on a larger scale. This routine can be performed at the end of your zombie act or on it own!



Schwocho Box by Dave Schwocho Silk to Golf Ball
Schwocho Box by Dave SchwochoSilk to Golf Ball
A new twist on Sefelagia and Pogo Boxes.Another “just right” accessory to all golf ball effects. Here is a lightweight, easy to handle, perfect looking golf ball made of plastic that will hold a twelve inch or fifteen inch silk.



Sponge Sponge Ball Blendo
SpongeSponge Ball Blendo
This may be repeated again and again. Comes complete with all necessary sponge balls and the routine.Draw attention to two medium-sized, colored sponge balls on a table. Reach into your pocket and pull out one more. All three, one by one, are placed into your fist. When you open your fist, all three different colored sponge balls have combined...



Sponge Balls Sponge Balls (World's Greatest Magic)
Sponge BallsSponge Balls (World's Greatest Magic)
These machine-formed sponge balls are perfectly spherical and are of a uniform size. They are available in red only. This quality sponge ball could never be shaped by hand.You'll find a sponge ball routine in almost every close-up performer's repertoire and in this volume, you'll discover a virtual encyclopedia of sponge ball magic.



Sponge Toolbox and DVD Stratospheres
Sponge Toolbox and DVDStratospheres
Here is the greatest package of sponge magic ever presented.The quality of Strat-O-Sphere is unsurpassed, maybe never to be equaled.



Super Soft Sponge Balls 1.5'' Various Colors Tops Treasury of Ball Magic
Super Soft Sponge Balls 1.5'' Various ColorsTops Treasury of Ball Magic
4 to a pack, available in black, red, blue, green, purple, and yellowHuge collection of ball magic props and manipulations.



Abbotts Hole In One Abbotts Thru Ball
Abbotts Hole In OneAbbotts Thru Ball
The new and improved Hole In One. You won't believe where they hid the gimmick, it looks fantastic on both sides. Several demosSelect A Free Gift From Abbotts when purchased! Warren Stephens has created this penetration of a solid through a solid, using an empty shot glass which is covered with an inverted plastic tumbler. A ball place on top of the tumbler penetrates to the shot glass! DEMO!



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