Bandwich by J.P. Vallerino

Bandwich by J.P. Vallerino
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The most straight and direct card sandwich effect using two blank face cards.


Show two blank cards, and place a rubber band around them. Have a spectator select any card in the deck and sign the card. The card is lost in the deck.

Place the block of two cards still wrapped by the rubber band on top of the deck. Remove the rubber band, and spread the two blank cards: the sign card is sandwiched between them.

- Very easy to perform

- Any card can be selected, no force of any kind

- Card is signed by the spectator

- Resets in seconds. Perfect for table hopping

- Comes complete with special gimmicked cards in Bicycle 808 and a DVD to explain how to perform the trick

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Hello Greg,I received the dove through the glass illusion today ,and I'm very pleased with the product hardwood construction and it works perfectly, I owned and performed this effect in the mid-70s,but I actually think this new version is even better than the old one. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Tim J. Goswick

Greg: Received book today (Abbotts Compendium). WOW WHAT A BOOK. That will give me something to read this winter. If not before. Thanks

Herman Carr

Hi Greg,

I just thought I’d let you know that the box arrived safe and well at it’s new UK home yesterday….I ‘killed’ with it this morning! I am so pleased with the box, it’s quality and what I can do using the unique method it uses (I just beamed from ear to ear when I saw the method!).

A delightful effect, thank you so much for getting it to me!


Martin Jones - Shrewsbury, UK

Hey Greg... Derek Kennedy here from Ft Worth Texas (Les Bartons friend).

I just wanted to thank for a couple of things. First being a Magic Shop owner myself I know how hard it is to "Host" events (while you are open for business) like you did this past May for the Magic Collectors Weekend, so thanks to you and your staff for making it a really fun time!!! Also for going out of your way to help locate the Instructions for the Spirit Paintings!!! Now it makes sense. Again I really do appreciate it. This was only the 2nd time I had been to Abbotts, the first was 30 years ago for the 1985 Get Together. And that year I was lucky enough to have been part of Abb Dickson's "Kitchen Act". 30 years is a long time, I had just opened my Shop in February of 85 and I am not sure how I could get away long enough to drive up and back from Texas!! Being a long (longer than me) time shop owner you would understand that more than most would. But wow, things have change in the last 30 year...we are in a unique business, the Magic business is not quite what it once was.

Anyway I enjoyed myself so much with being in Marshal and visiting Abbotts, (this past May) that I and my other half (Kathy) have registered for this years Get Together.....I figured that I had better not wait another 30 years before coming back!!!

Again thanks for all and looking forward to a fun time in a couple of weeks!!!

Best to you...

Derek Kennedy

Hi Greg, I am very pleased with every single item you sent! I knew I would be happy with the Mammoth Silk and am quite pleasantly surprised at how nice the dark red 12 inch silks and the 9 inch "wand" silks turned out. Please tell Karin for me that she did a wonderful job on this special order! I don't say this lightly as I am usually pretty particular about what I want. She really knows her stuff, doesn't she! You are lucky to have her. And I am lucky to now know who to ask if I ever have another silk dyeing request. (By the way, thank you for sending the extra 9 inch "wand" silks.)

Carroll Hovland

The best (Strait) Jacket is the Abbott's Jacket. That is the one we use. Email my friend Greg Bordner - He can get you the information you need

Jeff McBride

Hi Greg, received with thanks the floating light bulb. Now I understand the Abbott magic quality, I like the product very much and will surely order more from you. Regards from India,


Greg, I've done business with your company since 1975. I always prefer your craftsmanship over your competitors in that time. You were able to take a worn out homemade mini zig-zag and build a professional one in it's place. I've always have had great reception to this prop which was why it was worn out to begin with. I wish you the same as you put it on the market. I have some other ideas that might sell for you so I'll try to get down some time to see you and maybe even have another prototype to play with. Thanks again for a great job and may this year be a blessing.

Will Holden

Received the slates yesterday. Fantastic service, getting an out-of-stock item to me in record time. This is the first time I've come across and ordered from Abbott's website. However, when I got into magic some 45 years ago, Abbott's was basically the ONLY place for magic - I still remember the 1 1/2 inch thick catalog (or maybe I just remember it that way, as a youth). Anyway, I will reiterate. Fantastic service, getting an out-of-stock item to me in record time. Saved my New Years plans. Thanks so much.

Flip Nehrt

I got my Vapr yesterday and it is WAY more exciting than I anticipated. One of the best products I've ever purchased. I can't wait for my next show to plug it in and use it. I am also surprised how easy it really is to use. So many times, the promo videos make things look easier than they are but this is simple and well thought out. You have added to my list of blessings to count this Thanksgiving Day.

Jeff Boren

Dear Greg, The Eight Foot Jet Set arrived on my doorstep this morning. It is magnificent! What a clever design - it folds down to nothing but looks HUGE. I am really amazed at the stability of the Jet Set. You do have to be careful to steady it while putting the curtain over the stand, but once it's up, it is very stable, It only takes ONE PERSON around ONE MINUTE to put up. The stand fits perfectly into my Gator speaker stand case, so it hasn't really added any volume to what I already carry. I am very pleased, Greg. Thank you once again for having the red/black curtain made up - it was well worth the slight wait - and also for your excellent and courteous service. Regards,

Allan Karasavas

Just got the Den-O-Zen and wow...what a nice job! It really looks great and if the paint scheme you did for me isn't now the standard for this should be. Again, thanks and nice job.

Pastor Roloff

Just received my Mail Bag and wanted to say GREAT JOB! The construction is top notch! Great quality and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Abbott's!!

Bill Blagg

Hi Greg: I'm loving my new Mutilated Parasol that I bought during the Get-Together! Thanks to all of you at Abbott's for the excellent quality--what a great piece of magic!

Marty Hahne


I have a library of over 4,000 books on magic and I feel qualified to state that it's simply the best Halloween resource of genuine Halloween magic secrets ever published...and you can quote me on that.

Scott Swayze

I got this book in the mail last night and feel like I owe Abbotts some more money. You get a LOT of magic for your money here. Individually these tricks, illusions and effects would have cost you hundreds of dollars. Abbotts is using a print on demand service so you get a REAL BOOK, not some plastic comb binding other dealers use. I can't say enough good things about Dark Secrets, I hope Abbotts does more of these projects. At $25 this book could easily have sold for three times the price and still been a bargain!

Mitchell Leary

In a world where the "good stuff" is hidden in obscure pamphlets and magazines long forgotten, Dark Matter Secrets stands out as a real treasure. This book contains literally hundreds of usable pieces of magic you aren't likely to find on your own - all in one volume. The magic imps at Abbott's combed through their vaults in search of some of the best releases from their nearly 80 years in business, re-type set most of it, and put it in this beautiful volume. From close-up bizarre magic, to major stage illusions, it's all here. It's about time someone puts a QUALITY product on ink and paper for professionals and hobbyists alike. If "Halloween" and "spooky" is your thing, you are going to LOVE this book from Abbott's!

Keith Stickley of Dr. Scream's Spook Show Revival

Greg, Thanks for a wonderful compilation of great Abbott spook magic. It truly is a must for anyone interested in the history or performance of such material, and a perfect product to come out of an old black building with skeletons on the front! Hope all is well in Colon.

Rocky Clements

Got my copy of Dark Matter Secrets on Monday (Ordered on Friday) What a trip down memory lane for me. I actually used the plans for the Burning Alive, Spider Girl and Headless Women back in the late 60's. It's a great book, thanks Greg Bordner.

Rck Allen



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