Barricaded Barrells

Barricaded Barrells
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  • Item #: ABBQUObarbar
  • Manufacturer: Abbotts/Chadwick
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Two topless/bottomless wooden barrels are openly displayed on castered open framework support tables. An assistant is imprisoned in one of the barrels by sealing the ends with solid wooden bulls-eye targets. The other barrel is sealed on one end and its opposite end is securely barred with four solid metal bars which extend beyond the top and the bottom of the barrel openings. The target end of the barrel which holds the assistant is placed against the barred opening of the empty barrel for a brief moment. When the barrels are again separated ... the target is still in place on the first barrel ... the four solid metal bars still guard the opening of the second barrel ... but ... the assistant has magically been transported from one barrel to the other! A presentation of Solid Thru Solid ... in split seconds! This effect has also been known as The Battle of the Barrels or Through the Eye of the Needle.

We have re-introduced this effect to the magic fraternity with spectacular results. This is a deluxe outfit in every respect. The barrels supplied are of two different shades to help the audience keep track of them during the performance.