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Abbotts Beauty Canary Cage Bird Cages From Book of Fire
Abbotts Beauty Canary CageBird Cages From Book of Fire
This cage may also be used for the effect of cracking an egg on top of the cage and having a bird appear from the egg.Audiences are always fascinated with any illusion that contains fire.... If the fire comes with a surprise kicker it's even more fascinating and magical! Check out the demmonstration, then order a couple rubber canaries from Abbotts and you will have a real winner on your hands.



Spring Production Bird Cage (Mr Magic) Vanishing Bird Cage Large
Spring Production Bird Cage (Mr Magic)Vanishing Bird Cage Large
The magician enters the stage and shows a foulard to be empty on both sides. They drape it over their left hand and immediately produce a medium-sized birdcage from the foulard, which can then be shown on both sides again. The above is just a...OFF THE MARKET FOR YEARS, ABBOTT'S VANISHING BIRD CAGE IS BACK! It definitely lives up to the old time Abbott quality. The bright red satin ribbon is all hand stitched on each one with the yellow canary attached to look completely natural. Be...



Appearing Bird Cage - Large
Appearing Bird Cage - Large
This is the slickest and biggest Appearing Bird Cage to come along in years.


1 - 5 of 5 items