Bombay by Eddie Joseph

Bombay by Eddie Joseph
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  • Item #: ABBbomboy
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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"BOMBAY" is sensational! "BOMBAY" is unbelievable! "BOMBAY" is a magical masterpiece! Imagine ... you place two decks, a red and a blue, on the table, each deck in its own case. You never touch either deck for the rest of the presentation! A spectator freely selects one of the decks. This he places in his pocket. He removes the remaining pack from its case and cuts and mixes the cards. He then selects one card in the fairest possible manner. He is positive that he was not influenced in his choice. He then notes the identity of that card. He then removes the hidden deck of cards from his pocket. He removes the cards from their case and spreads the cards face up onto the table. It is noted that one card (and only one card) is reversed. This card is removed from the spread and turned over. It proves to be the same suit and value of the freely selected card! The spectator may look through the deck. He may count the cards. There are no duplicates and the 52-card deck is not set up in any way.

The above is a true description - and dont miss the point that this is an automatic trick. You do nothing - there are no moves - you don?t touch the cards - there are no mental gymnastics or arithmetic. Each of the decks contains only 52 cards - no more and no less! But "BOMBAY" does even more. For example: This time let's have two cards chosen. Following the same procedure - two cards will be seen to be reversed in the second deck. And on repeat shows the chosen cards will be different from the previous show but will always match the reversed cards. But that's not all! At the beginning of your act you hand a sealed envelope to a member of the audience. He places the envelope safely into his pocket. He selects a card from one pack and looks for its match in the other deck, without success. He tears open the sealed envelope and there is the matching card! Remember, he alone handles the cards.

"BOMBAY" is not just one card trick. It is a super magic principle. Seven complete routines are given but you will be able to develop many more once you understand the versatile secret of "BOMBAY". This miracle effect has stood the test of actual performance for both laymen and magicians. Highly recommended! $5.00