Box of Thing

Box of Thing
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  • Item #: HALLOWEENpam
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $250.00
Would you like to have a guest appearance by a well known fictional horror character? Have Freddie at your next show or Jason as your assistant? Probably not a good idea financially. But how about having "Thing" from the Addams Family make a surprise visit? Since "Thing" is simply a hand he probably would work cheap.

The "Box of Thing " is actually an Abbott effect known as "Box of Pam" which can be used to vanish or produce a variety of items including live birds. The Box of Thing (Pam) is very cleverly made and easy to learn. It cannot be done surrounded and you have to be aware of angle limitations (back and top) but for the most part the angles are about what you would expect in most effects designed for an audience in front. The box does come with a bottom and a top so you could use this as a break apart vanish if you like as well. It is a very versatile prop!

The Box of Thing (Pam) is always ready, reset time is non existent depending on how you end the effect. At most reset time would be a couple seconds depending if you used the top and bottom of the prop. I have had my Box of Thing for about 4 years and it is as good as new.

The hand or "Thing" is a simple rubber prop hand, I tried the battery powered moving hands but they would not stay up vertically when being displayed from the box and would vibrate themselves till they fell horizontally.

Below it the sales ad for the Box of Thing (Pam)...

Box of Pam can be used as both a production or to vanish an animal or a load of silks! Box is opened and shown to be empty, and turned inside out. Lid is replaced on top, and animal is produced! Red on the outside, yellow on the inside.