Burned Alive - Osborne Workshop Plans

Burned Alive - Osborne Workshop Plans
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  • Item #: POburali
  • Manufacturer: Paul Osborne
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Price $27.50
This the same model built by Percy Abbott for the Harry Thurston show. A girl is hypnotized and is placed on a slide panel which is then pushed into a casket type cabinet. A lighted torch is applied to the inside and flames are visible through slots in the sides of the cabinet, with smoke rising through the slots in the top section. The top section is removed and all the sides collapse downwards and all that is visible are the flames and the smoldering cloth and the skeletal remains of the victim. It is sensational! It is a feature! Our Burned Alive outfits are built right and there is positively no danger to anyone taking part. Designed and decorated for flash in appearance, it is bright and attractive in colors. The upright legs are mounted on casters so that the cabinet may be turned around during the burning.