But Not Here!

But Not Here!
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A thought of card is predicted under the fairest and most impossible conditions...with a diabolical ending no one sees coming!

Mark Elsdon's BUT NOT HERE is an amazing effect that wows lay audiences and fools the pants off magicians. It's clean, direct, and very strong. Best of all, it's easy to do and can be mastered by magicians of any skill level.

Remember these important points:
•The spectator mentally selects a card - and they can change their mind as much as they wish!
•The prediction can be customized to include the specific event or occasion you are performing at!
•Ultra easy to do, uses no sleight of hand or complicated moves.
•Fast reset makes it great for restaurant workers, strolling magicians, and more.
•Comes complete with Bicycle custom gaffed deck, Post It notes, and detailed instructional DVD with additional ideas and insights.