Candle Magic

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Abbotts Candle Lite Appearing Candle (Red or White)
Abbotts Candle LiteAppearing Candle (Red or White)
With the aid of this clever little gimmick you can carry the flame from one candle to anotherA slim appearing candle which grades to the quality of candles used by many standard master magicians. Please let us know if you would like red or white.



Candle Through Silks (Stage Version) by Mr. Magic Abbotts Tantalizing Candle
Candle Through Silks (Stage Version) by Mr. MagicAbbotts Tantalizing Candle
Three silk handkerchiefs are displayed inside of a solid wooden box. A candle is then lit and passes through the box AND the handkerchiefs. When the handkerchiefs are removed from the box, they are unharmed. A fantastic illusion!Strictly for comedy



Candle to Fan Visible Candle Thru Balloon
Candle to FanVisible Candle Thru Balloon
Candle to Fan is the latest creation from Michael P. LairThey see the candle flame inside the balloon - yet the balloon remains fully inflated. The trick could be the hit of your show. It has improvements which throw off anyone who thinks they know how it is done! Complete with candle, tube and instructions. Use your own silk handkerchief.



1 - 6 of 6 items