Cane Cabinet - Osborne Workshop Plans

Cane Cabinet - Osborne Workshop Plans
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  • Item #: POcnecbt
  • Manufacturer: Paul Osborne
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Visualize the clean-cut vanish of an assistant -even though surrounded by members of the audience. That is Abbott?s Girl Vanish. This is a practical illusion that is entertaining and packed with magical originality all building to a startling climax. The performer displays a cabinet approximately forty inches in height and twenty-four inches square. The cabinet may be visually examined. A female assistant enters away from stage wings, scenery, etc.). The lid is placed on the cabinet. A walking cane is pushed down through the hole in the top of the cabinet. The magician states, If the girl moves, so will the cane. Immediately, the cane is pushed from the inside of the cabinet, right out of the cabinet. The performer knocks on the outside of the cabinet saying, Dont be so rough, etc. A return knock from the assistant is heard. The magician then inserts eight walking canes into holes in the lower part of the cabinet. A spectator is requested to come forward and look down through the hole in the lid of the cabinet. The magician says, How would you like to be in the same condition as the young lady? Spectator reaches in through the hole the hole and pulls out the young ladys costume. This embarrasses the performer and he requests the assistance of the spectator in removing the canes from the cabinet. The lid is removed and the cabinet opens out flat. The girl has vanished! She makes her reappearance at the front of the theatre and runs down the aisle. No mirrors used! No doubles!