Cane Magic

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Abbotts Cane Silk Appearing Cane (Suddenly Magic)
Abbotts Cane SilkAppearing Cane (Suddenly Magic)
You will require a metal Appearing Cane (not supplied) to perform this effect properly.Appearing Cane (Suddenly Magic) $50 — This is a metal appearing cane—the way they used to be made! Lightweight, locking spring release, extends to nearly 4 feet!



Appearing Cane - 8 Feet Appearing Cane Metal
Appearing Cane - 8 FeetAppearing Cane Metal
These are not coils! From a foot away you can?t tell it from a real wood pole.These Deluxe canes are better than the old style German models of years ago. Both are silver tipped, the Appearing has a spring-loaded lock release. All Cane Purchases Includes A Free Cane Book From Abbotts!



Color Changing Cane (Suddenly Magic) Dancing Cane - Silver, Aluminum
Color Changing Cane (Suddenly Magic)Dancing Cane - Silver, Aluminum
Color Changing Cane (Suddenly Magic) $32 — Magician walks on stage with a solid black cane in hand. He takes a white silk (not included) and gently rubs it on the entire cane, and magically the cane changes its color from black to white. Then...Perfectly Balanced and extremely lightweight! An aluminum Cane floats from hand to hand, then around your body!



Dancing Cane Aluminum by Tango Magic Marker by Keith Fields
Dancing Cane Aluminum by TangoMagic Marker by Keith Fields
The beautiful aluminum built cane is light weight and collapsible, and also includes a black cloth case for ease of storage and protection.A marker pen turns into a cane in the blink of an eye – but the effect on the audience is quite amazing! They jump out of their skin, look amazed, or fall into a fit of giggles! This cool effect brings the appearing cane bang up to date. Demo by past Get Together performer Keith Fields!



Magic with Canes One Handed Vanishing Cane to Silk
Magic with CanesOne Handed Vanishing Cane to Silk
This material was developed and collected over a period of ten years. A most valuable collection.This is the most visible cane to silk you and your audiences will ever see.



Vanishing Cane (Suddenly Magic) Vanishing Metal Cane
Vanishing Cane (Suddenly Magic)Vanishing Metal Cane
Vanishing Cane (Suddenly Magic) $50 — This is a metal vanishing cane—the way they used to be made! Lightweight, comes with chromed metal end cap.The Vanishing Cane a square modern tip.



1 - 12 of 12 items