Change Bags

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Extreme Change Bag by Jim Pace Inter-Net Bag
Extreme Change Bag by Jim PaceInter-Net Bag
ECB is a revolution in transformation effects, as you place anything into an empty bag, only to have it BURST INTO A FLASH OF FIRE...and WHOOSH...your white silk becomes a dove.You Can See Through the Bag At All Times



Magic Change Bag In Red Thumb Tip Change Bag
Magic Change Bag In RedThumb Tip Change Bag
TIMELESS EFFECT - Some tricks never get old no matter how many times you see them. MAGIC FOR ANYONE - No matter what your background in magic you will be a master of this illusion in no time QUALITY SOURCED MATERIALS - This truly is the type of...The Thumb Tip Change Bag is a miniature utility bag made to secretly hold a thumb tip.



Tote Bag - Mini Change Bag Xmas
Tote Bag - MiniChange Bag Xmas
Any small object is placed inside. It can vanish or change to something else.Stocking Change Bag Perfect for those Holiday Season shows



Change Bag/Zipper Economy Zipper Change Bag Ickle Pickle
Change Bag/Zipper EconomyZipper Change Bag Ickle Pickle
One of the most useful and versatile tools available,the secret move can be done so quickly that your assistant can drop the object into the bag, then immediately reach back inside to find it`s vanished or changed!



1 - 8 of 8 items