Chest of Nefertari Head Box - Osborne Workshop Plans

Chest of Nefertari Head Box - Osborne Workshop Plans
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  • Item #: POchonhb
  • Manufacturer: Paul Osborne
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Osbornes CHEST OF NEFERTARI HEAD BOX (#190) A modern illusion suitable for floor shows, nightclubs, etc., as the audiences may be on all sides of the magician. A small box is shown to be empty. This is placed over the young lady?s head. This box is supported by four uprights as the young lady takes a kneeling position on a small elevated platform. Thirteen rapier-type blades are now examined and, one at a time, they pierce the box at all angles. A long spear is also pushed through the box from the top. Remember that the rest of the young lady?s body is in full view during the piercing of the small box and because of the small size of the box it seems impossible for the young lady to escape the wicked looking blades. The front door of the box is now opened and to the amazement of all the sword blades fill the interior of the box from every conceivable angle ... the head vanished! This is startling to the extreme. The front door is again closed, the blades are removed and the box is lifted disclosing the young lady unharmed.