Chests of Mystery

Chests of Mystery
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  • Item #: ABBQUOchsmyst
  • Manufacturer: Abbotts/Chadwick
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Price $4,500.00
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A real illusion for the production of a young lady. Suitable for all types of show conditions, stage or platform - even when completely surrounded by the audience. The illusion packs flat for traveling. It is brilliant in appearance and startling in effect!

An open-paneled chest, mounted on casters, is shown. Through the open front a smaller chest, that fills all the interior space, is seen. The outer lid is raised and the inner chest is lifted out. It is removed to one side and opened to show the audience that all it contains are a few pieces of costume apparel. Also, with the small chest removed the audience can see right into the large chest, through the openings in its front panel. The small chest is replaced into the larger chest. The costume is tossed in and the lids are closed. Immediately the lids open and a girl makes her appearance wearing the costume just tossed into the chest. (Workshop plans available.)