Chinese Chopper

Chinese Chopper
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  • Item #: ABBchinachop
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $750.00
The most practical and perfect illusion made. Will fit into any type show. Can be done close up, with the audience all around you. In the presentation, different vegetables are cut to demonstrate the sharpness of the stainless steel blade. Blade is removed and the assistants (or a spectators) neck is secured in the stocks. The magician now forces the blade down through the victims neck. Remember ... during this operation the blade is in full view at all times and is plainly seen as it passes through the neck. Without any fumbling the blade is withdrawn, restoring the victims head to his body. This is truly a sensational illusion. The construction is of the best. The paint job is "as smooth as velvet". Cutout Chinese design in red, black and gold lacquers. (No workshop plans available.)