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PhotoShop Christmas Tree Edition (with Props) $10 Stocking Stuffer Acrobatic Silks
PhotoShop Christmas Tree Edition (with Props)$10 Stocking Stuffer Acrobatic Silks
After placing the photo in the spectator's hand, the magician reaches in the air and grabs a colorful light between his fingertips. The light is then thrown towards the photo and it disappears. When photo is turned over, the Christmas tree is filled with different colors of decoration lights.By hitting the silk with a magic wand, the yellow silk instantly jumps to the middle of the three silks.



$10 Stocking Stuffer Pixie Glass A Tony Christmas Magic Show
$10 Stocking Stuffer Pixie GlassA Tony Christmas Magic Show
Select A Free Gift From Abbotts when purchased!
A cleverly constructed glass made of clear lucite plastic. For a milk routine the effects possible with this glass offer many interesting and entertaining possibilities. Check out the demo!
If you ever wanted to see a real world professional children's magician perform his fantastic Christmas themed magic show, then this DVD is for you!



Abbott Gift Certificates Change Bag (Santa Cap)
Abbott Gift CertificatesChange Bag (Santa Cap)
The perfect stocking stuffer! Abbott Gift Certificates can be in any denomination you wish, however online they are a set price. If it gets too close to Christmas let us know and we can mail the cert directly to that lucky person.A new model of change bag resembling Santa's cap with a smooth finishing. Ideal for X-mas shows. Check out demo by Greg.



Christmas Bonnet Hat Tear (6-pack) Christmas Card Monte
Christmas Bonnet Hat Tear (6-pack)Christmas Card Monte
Perfect for kid shows, birthday parties, and just about any performing situation you can imagine. Makes a great giveaway, even when performing for adults.Our supplier is out of these so they may be hard to find in a week but we have 4 of them instock and ready to ship. Check out the demo which uses the colorful Rudolph and Santa cards!



Forgetful Santa Forgetful Snowman
Forgetful SantaForgetful Snowman
View Demo! An absent minded Santa is shown to the spectators as the magician talks about a Santa who is very forgetful. He forgets where he put his Christmas list and how many toys he promised each good little child. He is so forgetful that he once forgot...View Demo! A model of a snowman is shown to the spectators and the magi talks about how he built him and his head kept falling off. As the magi says this he takes the head from the body and vanishes it in a devil’s napkin that is provided with the effect....



Holiday Sampler Jumbo Mouth Coil 46' Lit Candle To Twinkling Christmas Tree
Holiday Sampler Jumbo Mouth Coil 46'Lit Candle To Twinkling Christmas Tree
These are the most popular Cresey mouth coils. The bright colors show up great even from a distance. Sample 4 different color combinations - Red & Green, Blue & Gold, Black & Orange (Halloween), and Red/White/Blue (Patriotic).SOLD OUT FOR THE SALE



Magic and Wizards Volume 2 Magic With A Christmas Theme
Magic and Wizards Volume 2Magic With A Christmas Theme
This Halloween the magicians house will be the best decorated for Halloween! Wizards will come to life in your window using this dvd. Use your own dvd player and projector, throw a sheet over the window, and you'll have incredible magic every night happening in your home.Add a touch of winter and christmas to your kids show, stand-up, mental or close-up act. In addition to ideas on props, you will also find routines and ways to tailor your act for christmas without high expenses, without lots of props, without laborious efforts.



Marley's Ghost - A Christmas Carol Merry Christmas Silk
Marley's Ghost - A Christmas CarolMerry Christmas Silk
Marley was dead, of that there can be no doubt... We all know the words, we hear them every Holiday when Scrooge confronts Marley in a Christmas Carol. Now you can add that scene to your show with Marley's Ghost, "The Chains we forge in life are the ones we carry in death". DemoThis is another beautiful color silk picture of a rabbit in a Christmas stocking, all inside a wreath, and says Merry Christmas. A great production item for your next Christmas show. 18" x 18".



One Magical Christmas Book PhotoShop Santa Claus Edition (with Props)
One Magical Christmas BookPhotoShop Santa Claus Edition (with Props)
Based on true events and set to rhyme, One Magical Christmas is a very short story that is perfect for people of all ages. There is a mystery in a small Michigan town that revolves around a solid black building with white skeletons painted on the...The magician introduces a photo with Santa Clause holding a candy cane, and he asks the spectator to cup her hands together. After a squeeze with the photo, the candy can comes out of the photo and drops into the spectator's cupped hand. And the photo is then given to the spectator to keep.



Ribbon Penetration Thru Body Santa Appears by John Kaplan
Ribbon Penetration Thru BodySanta Appears by John Kaplan
Two spectators pull a silk ribbon through a Magician's body. Perfect for adding a little holiday flash to any show.Here you will find a half-dozen of John's favorite "appearance" illusions... proven practical, real-world methods by which you can make virtually anybody magically appear! The disk is a CD ROM and requires a computer for viewing its contents. Check out the Demo!



Santa Coloring Frame Santa Hat Tear Deluxe
Santa Coloring FrameSanta Hat Tear Deluxe
View Demo! The performer waves the picture, and it instantly gets transformed into a fully colored one! Completely mechanical in nature, this comes ready to work. Ideal for the Festive Season. We have plenty of these in stock because the staff keeps playing with them, you will enjoy this one!2 sheets of tissue paper are torn to pieces. Pieces are rolled into a ball and tossed into the air. When unfolded, a beautiful Santa's Hat with white beard (stocking hat style) is displayed and may be worn. Enough tissue paper sets for a dozen performances.



Santa Surprise SnoWonder - Instant Snow
Santa SurpriseSnoWonder - Instant Snow
The whole set comes in it's own special hard wearing PVC carry case for easy transportation. This is an absolute must for any professional or amateur children's entertainer and an ideal addition to any children's and family Christmas shows. Check out the demo!For any purpose that demands the best and the closest possible imitation of the real thing, SnoWonder is the answer.



Sock Egg Bag SOLD OUT - Virtual Santa DVD
Sock Egg BagSOLD OUT - Virtual Santa DVD
Add a “sock” effect to your act. Every magician knows the Egg Bag. Now the same item has been made up as a Christmas stocking in bright red flannel with a snowy white top band.Please call first for availability - 1 269 432 3235



The Christmas Present Abbotts Santa Claus Paper Tears
The Christmas PresentAbbotts Santa Claus Paper Tears
A holiday-themed version of Ralph E. Powell's classic "ABC Stung!" trick.Holiday Special - Ends Dec 26 Red, white, green and black papers are torn up and when opened up restored, reveal a full color picture of Santa Claus. No skill is required. Enough paper is supplied for twelve shows, with complete instructions.



Santa Hat Tears Appearing Candy Cane or Barber Pole
Santa Hat TearsAppearing Candy Cane or Barber Pole
OUR HAT TEARS MAKE ANY EVENT MORE FESTIVE 2 sheets of tissue paper are torn to pieces. Pieces are rolled into a ball and tossed into the air. When unfolded, a beautiful Santa's Hat (stocking hat style) is displayed and may be worn. Enough tissue paper sets for a dozen performances.Reach into a bag or production box and produce an eight foot candy cane or barber shop pole depending on the season.



Change Bag Xmas Deluxe Santa Stuck in Chimney
Change Bag Xmas Deluxe Santa Stuck in Chimney
Stocking Change Bag Perfect for those Holiday Season showsSanta Clause just can`t seem to get down the chimney in one piece!



Magic Christmas Stocking Santa Stuck in the Chimney
Magic Christmas StockingSanta Stuck in the Chimney
Here is the perfect holiday gift for the guy or gal who likes magic.Santa just can`t seem to get down the chimney in one piece!



Soc-O Magic #1 Soc-O Magic #2
Soc-O Magic #1 Soc-O Magic #2
8 effects all Packed in a 21 inch Christmas Stocking8 Great Magic Tricks Packed in a 21 inch Christmas Stocking



Soc-O Magic #3
Soc-O Magic #3
All packed in a 21 inch Christmas Stocking


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