Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square

Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square
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  • Item #: ABBccbtojs
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $7.50
Performer takes a red sponge ball and moves it from one hand to the other. He closes his fists and asks a spectator to guess which hand he thinks the ball is in. It makes no difference whether or not the spectator guesses correctly or not, because what comes next is the surprise. The performer tells the spectator he will now vanish the red ball and that it will reappear in his (the performer’s) pocket. He pokes the ball into his fist, then separates his hands and asks the spectator to once again select the hand which holds the red ball.The spectator makes his choice and to his surprise a large (2 1/2") red sponge cube is resting on the magician’s palm. He then selects the other hand and when it is opened, there is a black sponge ball! The performer then shows that the red ball is indeed, in his pocket. Easy to do and very mystifying. Recommended!