Come Out Flying

Come Out Flying
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One of the finest books on dove work ever written. A collection of forty features, most of these tricks and routines from leading magicians. There is a section on the care, feeding, housing, handling and training of doves and a chapter on the handling of rubber imitation doves with several tricks and routines utilizing this clever fake. A printed, illustrated book, edited by Frances Marshall. Contents include: Gloves to dove, Torn newspaper method, Finale dove production, Snowstorm in birdland, One scarf-two doves, Opera hat method, Planted method, Oriental dove production, Dove cote fantasy, Dove in balloon, Paper dove, Fantail farewell, Rubber doves, Dove soap, Dove to silk, Dove and Silk Cylinder, Very gone, Encircled doves, Tips by Jack Adams, Bird in the hat, Ideas by Don Alan, Shades of Poe, Bird to boid, Yarn to bird, Bird seed, A pair of birds, Novel dove production, Thirsty birds, Dove bags, Dove under glass, Flash production, In the Cantu tradition, The dream of a dove, The Great Dovo, Grant on doves, Opening dove production, Care of doves and much, much more!