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Sugar Short Tape Measure Watch - PICK A FREE GIFT WHEN ORDERING
Sugar ShortTape Measure Watch - PICK A FREE GIFT WHEN ORDERING
The sugar shaker is new and modern in design. The cap is stainless steel. The trick is self-working.It's fifteen inches past eight o'clock. Time enough for another trick. How about "only 26 inches till Christmas"! This gag always gets them off guard. Check out the demonstration by Greg Bordner. Pick out a free gifts with this effect as well!



The Seabrooke Wallet Thru and Thru
The Seabrooke WalletThru and Thru
This is the effect that has been a reputation-maker for Terry Seabrooke!Complete with tube, balloons and routine (no wands or silks included). A Ken Allen idea.



Trixie/ Judy the Mouse Twentieth Century Bra
Trixie/ Judy the MouseTwentieth Century Bra
Life-like mouse that creates the illusion that it is alive. Available in brown or white. Check out demonstration by Greg Bordner.Two silks penetrate a woman's torso, but the get a little stuck along the way. Look for a big laugh when the silks seemingly pull a bra along with them.



Twentieth Century Shorts Vanishing Bandana w/ CD PLUS
Twentieth Century ShortsVanishing Bandana w/ CD PLUS
Two silks are tied together. You state that you are going to pull the silks through the body of a spectator. Instead, the spectator's jockey shorts seem to be pulled from him.Finally a CLIMAX to a Funny Classic Trick! Reproduce the Banana with this Box for the Climax!Professionally Produced Three Minute CD, Devils Napkin and Written Instructions With All the Bits of Business Included In the Instructions!



Watch Winder Deluxe Wilting Flower
Watch Winder DeluxeWilting Flower
This deluxe gimmick is small enough and light enough to be a constant pocket piece. These metal watch winders are made here at Abbott's and will last a lifetime. The sound is crisp and unmistakableSlowly, the stem and the rose wilt over in a tipsy manner. The magician looks at the audience in surprise and as he does the stem returns to its former position. He looks at it again and the rose wilts in the opposite direction - and again comes back to its former position. Demo



Yakity - Yak Talking Teeth Yogi Hyp (An Act of Yogi Hyp)
Yakity - Yak Talking TeethYogi Hyp (An Act of Yogi Hyp)
Here is a prop for any kind of comedy act - magic or M.C. - that will bring booming laughs from any audience.How many times have you been asked, "Can you hypnotize?" Did you have to dodge the issue? Take our tip and get Yogi Hyp and you will be set for that next occasion.



Zoom Zoom Deck
Zoom Zoom Deck
Guaranteed to get a laugh. Self contained, always ready to go and is very easy to use. Comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and a Zoom Zoom Deck.


61 - 73 of 73 items