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Aluminum Cups & Balls Collectors Mini Chop Chalice (Mike Busby)
Aluminum Cups & BallsCollectors Mini Chop Chalice (Mike Busby)
Simply the best high polished cups and balls ever made. Each cup measures 2.75" high and 2.50" in diameter. Includes 3 Aluminum Cups and 4 No-Bounce Balls!Collectors Mini Chop Chalice (Mike Busby) $65 – Dude That's Cool Magic are proud to present the very unique “Collectors Mini Chop Chalice” by Mike Busby. A truly collectable item. You'll just love the look and feel of these props and they'll most...



Cups & Balls, Aluminum with Mirror Finish (Mr Magic) Giant Cups and Balls
Cups & Balls, Aluminum with Mirror Finish (Mr Magic)Giant Cups and Balls
Cups & Balls, Aluminum with Mirror Finish (Mr Magic) $20 — The Cups & Balls is the oldest and most famous trick in magic. The performer shows three cups to be empty, and places them on the table. Giving one cup a tap with his wand, he lifts it to...The cups stack perfectly & the balls rest perfectly. Giant cups and balls, will hold a larger load than standard cups and balls - and the sound they make when tapped with a wand sounds like it was made in heaven, a beautiful ring to these.



Super Cup (India) The Chop Cup (Magic Makers)
Super Cup (India)The Chop Cup (Magic Makers)
Super Cup (India) $20 — This is a totally new type of “chop cup” that does not use the traditional chop cup method. Although the effect is similar to that performed with a chop cup, where a ball magically vanishes or appears under a cup, you can...The Chop Cup (Magic Makers) $35 — Make balls appear and disappear from the Chop Cup by Magic Makers. This magical cup is precision made for the professional magician as well as those just starting in magic. What you will get … – The Magic Makers...



Chop Cup with Accessories - Collectors Table Hopping Cups & Balls
Chop Cup with Accessories - CollectorsTable Hopping Cups & Balls
This Chop Cup is a very high polished heavy weight brass cup.This set of cups and balls is designed to fit in your sport coat jacket. Choose either brass or chrome.



1 - 8 of 8 items