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  • Item #: HALLOWEENtwindi
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $275.00
This DIE box will separate into two halves and still the DIE moves back and forth. Designed by Witches in the dark ages, then reinvented by Arturo and Abbotts for the modern audience as the Twin Di. Very easy to do.

This outfit must really be seen to be appreciated. The die is four inches cubical, lacquered in bright yellow with black spots. The platform is black and the chests are mandarin green with an oriental design in white and rose. The chests and the die contrast nicely. The assembled chest measures seven inches high, ten inches long and five and one-half inches deep. The decoration is designed to look like Ming trees and oriental pagodas with a bamboo border. Polished metal hinges and fittings. A truly deluxe finish combines with the finest workmanship. Virtually every die box routine may be performed with this outfit. An Arturo creation.

Testimonial from Cardone "Hello Greg ! The Twin Di-DIe box is fantastic !! I had a question ...what is the color and brand of the green paint that the box is painted ... I need it to be green for the routine I am doing . The Die Box is a work of true art. I can't begin to thank you for your craftsmanship and your quality of your props . I use many in my shows with great success ...I feed a family of 4 performing full-time and I need stuff that lasts and takes the bumps and grinds of being on the road . Thanks again ....Cardone"