Dancing Cane Red (Dlite) - Folding

Dancing Cane Red (Dlite) - Folding
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  • Item #: p6551
  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $110.00

This is simply the best Light up Dancing Cane on the market.

You can perform all of the miracles that can be performed with the dancing cane, including making it float around the body or dance to the beat.

This Dancing Cane includes an On/Off Switch at the very bottom of the cane, so all you have to do when ready is tap it on the floor and it instantly LIGHTS UP.

But here is the best part, once the cane is lit, it has a pattern to how the lights light up and dissapear so that you could include your d' lite for a very strong dancing cane/ D'lite routine!

Size of cane: 84cm ( 33 inches ), Folded length 43cm (17 inches).

Be sure to check out the video!