Descending Dollars - Coins in Glass

Descending Dollars - Coins in Glass
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  • Manufacturer: MAK
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EFFECT: The magician places a card box on top of an empty glass. Showing a silver dollar, he vanishes the coin. Holding the invisible coin, the magician appears to throw/drop the coin towards the card box. The coin materializes and drops into the glass with an audible clink. The effect is then repeated for a total of four coins dropping into the glass.

The Robot Coins in Glass was first manufactured in the mid sixties by Ken Allen. John Blake has re-released this marvelous piece of magic in a simple to use form that is totally reliable.

The basic unit allows you to place a deck of cards (in a box) on top of a clear glass. One by one four silver dollars drop into the glass.

Comes with instructions to vanish coins from your hand and have them appear in the glass. This can actually be done without cover. It is totally automated. No batteries. Simple to load the card box and sure fire in operation. Wind up watch mechanism does all the work.

"Being a huge fan of the seldom seen Coins to Glass plot, this is one of those things I've longed for. It's an absolute mechanical marvel; ingenious and fascinating. The kind of thing Robert Houdin would have produced. Most of all, however, it makes for some very strong, visual magic. Next time my pipe dreams need a plumber, I'm calling you." ~Charlie Frye

"I first got the Flying Fifties from John, but now he has them in Dollar size. Works the same way, but you can play to a larger audience, because they are in Dollar size. Great job." ~Rocco

"Descending Dollars is very cool prop for the coin worker. Add an expanded shell and practice your timing and you have a real miracle on your hands as they see the coins vanish and reappear on command." ~Paul Gertner