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Cube Break by Astor Dice Bomb
Cube Break by AstorDice Bomb
updated & examinable version of an Abbott classic. Cube is held in place by a magic wand which is pushed through the holes in the tube and cube, locking everything into place. The cube magically penetrates through the magic wand and falls into the palm of the Magician. Check out the DemoA large die in a chamber instantly explodes into 8 tiny dice! Or perform a Color Changing Die. Visually impressive trick that is easy to do. Check out the Demo by Greg Bordner



Dice Bomb - PLUS Dice Thru Mirror
Dice Bomb - PLUSDice Thru Mirror
A black die inside a transparent tube. Shake the case and instantly, without any cover or suspicious move, the die explodes turning into 8 white tiny dice! OR Spectator chooses a die among 3 of different colors. The black die will change its color into the one of the chosen die - DEMO!It very slowly sinks until it completely penetrates the mirror and drops to the floor.



Eggs-traordinary Acrobatic Blocks (Funtime Magic) Gently Used Universal Die (Tricks/E-Z Magic)
Eggs-traordinary Acrobatic Blocks (Funtime Magic)Gently Used Universal Die (Tricks/E-Z Magic)
Eggs-traordinary Acrobatic Blocks (Funtime Magic) $20 — Performer displays three solid cubes, colored red, white, and blue. He shows a square tube, and drops the cubes inside the tube. He drops the blue cube first, next the white, and finally,...

SOLD - Gently Used Universal Die — A plastic "blade" dissects the center of a large square tube and remains in place. A large white die is dropped into the top of the tube and penetrates the blade, exiting at the bottom. Excellent condition. Instructions are included. DEMO



Giant Cube Illusion by Joker Magic Karpinski Die Appearance (Tony Karpinski)
Giant Cube Illusion by Joker MagicKarpinski Die Appearance (Tony Karpinski)
Instant and Easy Illusion for parlor, even for Stage show. Magician shows an empty black jumbo box and a solid jumbo cube that has orange balls painted on it. He places the jumbo cube into the black jumbo box. With magical finger snap, the jumbo...SOLD OUT



Karpinski Die Box (Tony Karpinski) Magical Die - Europe
Karpinski Die Box (Tony Karpinski)Magical Die - Europe
SOLD OUTSpecial Ends March 31st at Midnight The dots on a big die's sides change, then the whole die vanishes! The vanished die turns up in the magician's pocket. The magician shows the audience a big die between his fingers. The side facing the audience has 5 dots on it. The rear side has...



Miracle Die Box Shrinking Dice (Adams)
Miracle Die BoxShrinking Dice (Adams)
Miracle Die Box $10 — The Dice Cabinet; a miniature, pocket-size, plastic Die Box. Make a die vanish in the mysterious cabinet and it appears elsewhere.Shrinking Dice (Adams) $6 — Instantly change a single black die into a tiny black one. You show a normal size die to your spectators. After placing it in your hand (their hand or on the table) and placing a red box over it, you cause it to shrink...



Squashed (Vincenzo Di Fatta) Surprising Dots (Vincenzo Di Fatta)
Squashed (Vincenzo Di Fatta)Surprising Dots (Vincenzo Di Fatta)
Squashed (Vincenzo Di Fatta) $12 — The magician shows a die. He slaps down his other hand on it … and incredibly squashes it completely FLAT! At the end, the flat die is completely examinable.Surprising Dots (Vincenzo Di Fatta) $15 — A wonderfully entertaining and impossible routine! First, you’ll be puzzled, then … totally SURPRISED! The magician shows a board with a large black dot. He then shows that on the other side there are...



ABC Blocks Clever Die Box
ABC BlocksClever Die Box
A block is removed from the dowel and placed in a top hat or other container for a few moments. The block is returned to the dowel with the other two and magically vanished, only to be found back in the top hat.Each unit comes with an extra block that can be used to "reappear" the vanished block.



Incredible Block Penetration Stage Size
Incredible Block Penetration Stage Size
On command the die visibly penetrates through the plate to the central compartment, then through the second plate, finally resting at the bottom of the tube.


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