Disembodied Alien Heads

Disembodied Alien Heads
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  • Item #: Halloweenholone
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Did aliens visit us millions of years ago? These disembodied heads might be the only explanation for the demonstration that is about to take place.

The properties consist of a tray approximately 8" x 16", one-half inch thick surrounded with a round wooden rail, as illustrated. Add to this one small ordinary glass; one large ordinary glass and six disembodied alien heads (which resemble rubber balls, each 1 and 3/4 inch in diameter), colored Martian Red, Venus Yellow, Vulcanized Green, Silver Surfer, Star Man Blue, and Mercury Black. The tray, heads and glasses are shown. The small glass is placed on the tray and covered with the inverted larger glass. One of the alien heads is selected. There is no force and the head may be marked for identification. The mouth opening of the small glass is positively covered by the large glass making it impossible for anything to enter the small glass without the knowledge of the spectators. The different colored heads are placed on the tray around the nested glasses. The performer holds the tray between his hands as a spectator drapes a large hank or fancy cloth over the tray, covering the glasses and the heads. No sooner does the spectator accomplish this than the tray is handed to him. The magician explains that he will show how alien heads have a strange property that allows them to go through solids here on earth. "What type head did you select, Martian Red you say" All right, I will command that alien to penetrate through the large glass and into the small glass. (His actions suit these words and when the cloth is removed, believe it or not, the selected alien head is nested between the glasses.) There you are! The colored head you selected is now in the small glass! Let's try it again! This extraordinary effect may be repeated at once. Re-read the above description and take note of the speed at which it is performed. The working action is remarkable. It can't fail. It is mechanically perfect. Yet, it is easy to do and one of the most confounding tricks ever invented. Use it for close-up, use it for platform or stage work. The entire outfit makes a most colorful display. Comes ready to work, including tray, glasses, alien heads (aka balls) and instructions.