Doll House - Osborne Workshop Plans

Doll House - Osborne Workshop Plans
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  • Manufacturer: Paul Osborne
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Osbornes Don Rose DOLL HOUSE (#250) A small house elevated on four legs is shown on all sides. The front doors are opened wide permitting the audience to clearly see the interior of the house. Each floor is furnished. All the furnishings are removed. The doors are closed and a few seconds later they are opened and a toy doll is discovered in the house. The doors are closed again and when opened the doll is seen to be much larger. The doors are closed once more and suddenly the roof opens up and a fully-grown young lady is seen. The surprise is complete! In place of using the different sized dolls, live animals may be produced prior to the young lady?s appearance, Abbott Doll Houses are beautiful in appearance with a pleasing color combination and a hard and smooth lacquer finish, including a curtained effect at the windows and interior decorations. The house appears so small that it does not seem possible that you could conceal a rabbit, let alone a human being. This is one illusion which may be presented in a floor show with the audience on all sides.