Dove Bag - Kardyro

Dove Bag - Kardyro
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  • Item #: ABBkardovebag
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $50.00
You have probably seen this effect featured by magical artists on television or in a live performance. It is a feature mystery that has been used by top professionals around the world. A black cloth bag with red decorative cloth trim is shown empty. The bag measures approximately ten inches by thirteen inches and has a zippered bottom seam. The bottom of the bag is unzipped and both hands and wrists are inserted inside the bag. The bag is twisted on and around the wrists. A spectator may even feel inside the bag ... it must be empty!

Yet, faster than you can utter any magic words, there is a live dove! This outfit is completely self-contained. No body loads. Use it at any time during your act. Add this simple, yet highly mystifying, effect to your act now. Remember, performers using live doves are more in demand - and demand more money! Bag is furnished with complete instructions. Originated by Tony "Torino" Kardyro.