Duplex Glasses and Silks

Duplex Glasses and Silks
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  • Item #: ABBdpglslk
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $40.00
The magician displays a piece of newspaper - both back and front. He punctures a hole in the paper and a silk appears and is left halfway through the paper. The paper is turned around and the produced silk is seen on both sides. Four more holes are punched into the paper and each time a silk appears and is left in the hole on display. Finally, another hole is made and a glass of wine is produced followed by a glass of green creme de menthe ( or cola and Kool-aid for children). The paper is handed to a spectator. He may remove the silks and examine the paper. The performer's hands are empty. No gimmicks to get rid of. No body or sleeve work. Positively self-contained. Complete with glasses, silks and instructions.