Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism

Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism
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Here is the greatest and most comprehensive book on this subject ever written! Three hundred printed pages-one hundred illustrations! It leaves nothing to the imagination. Try out one or two of the effects in this book and you will be amazed at the results. Your audiences will clamor for more and your reputation as a magician and hypnotist will be enhanced. This book tells you what to say-what to do-and how to do it. Hypnotism is great entertainment and you are always ready to demonstrate your skill-in the parlor, on the street, at the club or on a stage. This book tells how to obtain the first subject, some preliminary tests, the phenomena of the trance and experiments while in the hypnotic trance.

The chapter devoted to questions and answers is really terrific. This book gives you the opening lecture and the real hypnotic show. The sensational stunts described are just that - really sensational! You are given hypnotic misdirection and the inner secrets of stage hypnotism are revealed. The author's illustrations are clear and definite. The text is easy to read, in plain and understandable language. Every phase of the subject is covered. Remember -no stooges-no assistants- just you!

Few kindred arts can fit as naturally into a magician's repertoire as an exhibition of hypnotism. Unfortunately, however, very few magicians have ever mastered this skillful practice and have, thus, missed a most valuable adjunct to their programs. But now comes a ready solution. Here in this book is a complete revealment of the inner secrets of stage hypnotism presented in a very logical manner-by first showing what hypnotism is and what it can do through actual instruction in how to hypnotize and then, proceeding directly on into the modus operandi of stage hypnotism itself. The little subtleties, insights and techniques which only come from careful research and practical presentation are also given, making this book one of the most valuable of its kind ever offered to magicians. Contents:

  • Obtaining the first subject
  • some preliminary test
  • Experiments in the walking state
  • How to hypnotize
  • Awakening the subject
  • A bit of theory
  • Questions and answers
  • Some useful suggestions
  • Introduction to stage hypnotism
  • The opening lecture
  • The hypnotic show
  • Further experiments in stage hypnotism
  • Sensational stunts
  • Hypnotic misdirection inner secrets of stage hypnotism
  • Hypnotism as entertainment
  • Hypnotic stagecraft conclusion.

  • Take our word for it- this is the most comprehensive work on this subject ever available to magicians! Written by Ormond McGill.