Excalibur (Floating Table) With DVD by Dirk Losander

Excalibur (Floating Table) With DVD by Dirk Losander
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  • Manufacturer: Murphys
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Price $1,000.00
Introducing the new Excalibur Floating Table!

15 years ago Losander created a special effect "The Floating Table". It is the best Floating Table you have ever seen.


A solid table, which is used during the show to hold your props, begins to rise, starts floating and even a volunteer can examine the table while it floats. The usual statement Losander get's after showing this amazing table in front of Magicians is...,"That's the best levitation effect I've ever seen!" Magicians like Jeff McBride, Eugen Burger, Lance Burton, Salvano, Moretti, Marco Tempest, Chuck Jones...have bought the original from Dirk Losander.

It is a perfect levitation effect. It can be performed under ANY conditions, even surrounded. Imagine a solid table which mysteriously begins to rise from the floor and then suddenly takes off! This table floats all over the place. If you have been waiting for a floating table that looks like the average basic magicians table then the Excalibur is for you.

Table Top Dimensions Approximately 16" x 11 1/2" (40.5cm x 29.25cm)

Table Height (Full Assembled) Approximately 31" (78.75cm)