Farmer and Witch Plans - Instant Download

Farmer and Witch Plans - Instant Download
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At last, a Double Exchange Illusion worked with children from the audience. No additional props or apparatus required. A baffling exchange that will bring rounds of applause. The greatest achievement in modern mystery that has ever been brought out for the club and church performer.

The magician has three children step up on the platform. Two girls and one boy with one of the girls to act as the Wardrobe Mistress and the other two children to act as the main characters in the sketch. The girl is dressed in a Witchs costume with a mask and a broom. The boy is dressed in a Farmers costume - a real comical character. The performer relates a story of how an old Witch called at the Farmers door at the witching hour of midnight, asking for food and water and how the farmer turned the witch away, tired and hungry. But this old witch had magical powers and waved her broom in the air and changed places with the farmer, putting him out in the cold and then she ate all his food, etc.

The performer says he will show how the old Witch and the Farmer changed places. He waves a wand over each childs head and on removing the Farmer mask, instead of the boy - it is the girl; and in the Witch costume, in place of the girl is the boy! This is sensational and startling! The method of exchange is brand new. There is NO preparing the boy and girls ahead of time, use any children who step forward. No quick moves are required and no running around. Everything is worked out so naturally that the spectators will leave the show wondering how such a thing is possible.