Fetsching Magic

Fetsching Magic
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Here is a long overdue testimonial to the untold influence of a gifted Twentieth Century magician's magician, who mgiht well be called "The Father of the Modern Magic Lecture." Among Fetsch's creations is one of the most popular mental magic feats of all time, Mental Epic. Other creations include the popular Rope Epic, Symbologic, and Quad-Ropelets. If this sort of innovative thinking interests you, then Fetsching Magic is a book fit for your library.

The author, Robert Kirkwood Spencer, has spent many years researching the legacy of one of the most prolific creators and inventors in the history of the magical arts. The result is both a tribute biography with many rare photos and an illustrated, detailed instruction book of more than 100 brilliant, unique items of magic and mentalism for close-up and stage. For this magical journey of discovery, there is an introduction by Fetsch's daughter and only child.

Fetsching Magic is a book that will inspire and enthrall you with its special kind of magic for years to come. Readers will be glad to say that they now know "the only and only" Hen Fetsch.

Hard bound, 8.5 x 11", 206 pages.