Fire Magic

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Abbotts EZ Lit Match Producer Ball of Fire by Alan Wong
Abbotts EZ Lit Match ProducerBall of Fire by Alan Wong
At any time you wish, during your act, you can produce a lighted match from your pocket, from under your coat or from behind your coat?s lapel.Produce a flash of fire between your hands at any time! This unit contains a retractable flash unit on a durable steel cable reel with stainless steel casing clipped onto your belt under your jacket. Note that flash cotton and other flash...



Bird Cages From Book of Fire Burn Notice
Bird Cages From Book of FireBurn Notice
Audiences are always fascinated with any illusion that contains fire.... If the fire comes with a surprise kicker it's even more fascinating and magical! Check out the demmonstration, then order a couple rubber canaries from Abbotts and you will have a real winner on your hands.Pull a receipt out of your wallet, touch it to the flame of a lighter, and the spectator's thought instantly appears on the receipt! Watch Demo



Cloud 9 by CIGMA Magic D'Lite Dazzle
Cloud 9 by CIGMA MagicD'Lite Dazzle
Expected in week of Aug 10 Cloud 9 , produced and created by Cigma, is an innovative special effects smoke device with a delicate design operating system with a cutting-edge method. This compact smoke device allows you to add smoke easily into any of your current close up,...D'Lite Dazzle takes D'Lite magic to the next level. If you thought D'lite got attention, wait till you see Dazzle. The bright light strobes and flashes while it is lit. It looks absolutely amazing. Perform all of the standard D'Lite Magic illusions and more.



D'Lite Ultra Bright Finger Flasher, Large
D'Lite Ultra BrightFinger Flasher, Large
Reach into thin air with a hand that's clearly empty and pluck a super bright (almost blinding) glowing ball of red light out of nowhere! You can pass the light from hand to hand, make it vanish and reappear, etc. Two ultra bright D'lites in each box w/instructions. DEMOFinger Flasher, Large $20 — Use this handy magic device to ignite flash cotton. Just strike the wheel to create a large “magic flash” in your hand. It will look like you created fire out of thin air. Its barrel holds enough flash cotton to create...



Fire Can (India) Flame Take (Lukas Hilken)
Fire Can (India)Flame Take (Lukas Hilken)
Fire Can (India) $32 — For those magicians looking for a new production item, the FIRE CAN will be a favourite. Its appeal lies in that it is much more than a standard production prop. In effect, the magician shows a can with a lid. The lid is...Flame Take (Lukas Hilken) $47 $35 ON SALE! — Imagine being able to hold the fire at your fingertips and immediately transform that fire into a coin! And the best part … you can give away the coin as a souvenir. The coin is absolutely normal! In...



Flames at Fingertips Flaming Book (Steve Lancaster's Top Hat Magic)
Flames at FingertipsFlaming Book (Steve Lancaster's Top Hat Magic)
The apparatus supplied will make the working obvious. Four gimmicks are supplied, one for each finger of either hand. Properly placed, they are invisible to the audience. The effects are unbelievable. Use them for a traveling flame effect or an...Open the Flaming Book and a flame of fire appears from the middle of the open book. The book can be opened with or without a fire effect... you have complete control! This product is electronic and requires two AAA batteries (not included). Instructions are provided.



Flash Cotton (1oz) Hot Fire Wallet, Interior Credit Cards - Magnetic
Flash Cotton (1oz)Hot Fire Wallet, Interior Credit Cards - Magnetic
Flash Cotton flashes brilliantly and burns off completely leaving no residue.Close the wallet and Put Out the Flames. This time you open it to reveal its FILLED with dollar bills! A Truly startling Effect you can see from the back row.



Inferno REPLICA by Jimmy Strange
InfernoREPLICA by Jimmy Strange
Joshua Jay has worked for years on a seemingly-impossible goal: a NAMED card appears in a matchbox. No deck, no riffle force, no complications. Just one card in play, inside the matchbox...the NAMED card. Check out Demo by JohshuaReplica is taking the classic blister effect and bringing it into a new dimension, simply get your spectator to choose a celebrity, then take a lighter from your pocket and slowly wave the flame over your thumb or finger and see an image of their...



Ultra Bright D’Lite (D’Lite) Electric Touch
Ultra Bright D’Lite (D’Lite)Electric Touch
Ultra Bright D’Lite (D’Lite) $30 — Magic lights from anywhere! Magic at your fingertips. Show your hands empty … produce a bright light at your fingertips. Toss it from hand to hand, and make it disappear at your command. Toss it to a friend,...The pleasant static shock from Electric Touch will make audiences excited and they will remember you for the rest of their lives. Perform it anywhere on a moment's notice. Check out the demo!



Electric Touch Accessories Fire From Palms Gimmick
Electric Touch AccessoriesFire From Palms Gimmick
Additional accessories for Electric Touch device. Contains a high quality magnet and custom made special housing. Easy instructions with clear illustrations included.Complete with one left hand gimmick, one right hand gimmick, and instructions.



Flash Paper Flash Paper Booklet
Flash PaperFlash Paper Booklet
This is the thin-type for quick working. Objects wrapped in this paper seemingly vanish in a flash, leaving not even an ash when the paper is ignited with a match, lit cigarette or candle flame. Each envelope contains four sheets (8.5inch x 8.5inch) of Flash Paper.Flash Paper in 2" x 3" booklet form. 20 sheets.



Hot Book Hot Fire Wallet - Metal Interior
Hot BookHot Fire Wallet - Metal Interior
While supplies last - Great for Gospel Magicians who want to talk about fire and brimstone. Battery operated, its hot, hot, hot!Pull out your wallet. Open it up and it BURSTS into Flames! Standard bi-fold hip wallet. Made of soft black leather.



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