Floating Ball

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Abbott Zombie Foulard Belle de Nuit "Beauties of the Night" (Vernet Magic)
Abbott Zombie FoulardBelle de Nuit "Beauties of the Night" (Vernet Magic)
Abbott's Zombie Foulard is specially made so that it is completely opaque to light and is the perfect contrast to the bright metal floating Zombie ball. Check out the demonstration by Greg Bordner.Belle de Nuit "Beauties of the Night" (Vernet Magic) $60 — This is the most baffling "one man" floating ball. You can perform it in any stage, the gimmick is invisible! Belle de Nuit allows you to do many different moves so you can build your own amazing floating ball routine!



Instant Download - Further Tips On Zombie The Zombie (Mr Magic)
Instant Download - Further Tips On ZombieThe Zombie (Mr Magic)
Neil Foster compiled the additional material and the book has been revised and greatly enlarged. If you are interested in performing the famous “Zombie” effect, you must have this book. Free with $20 purchase, promotion extended to May 18thThe performer covers a large silver ball with a beautiful cloth (supplied). The performer holds onto the cloth by the corners. Like magic, the ball begins to float underneath the cloth seemingly on its own! Next the ball appears on top of the...



1 - 4 of 4 items