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Abbotts Biggest Botania Abbotts Bouquet - No. 1 Special Bouquet Sale
Abbotts Biggest BotaniaAbbotts Bouquet - No. 1 Special Bouquet Sale
72 HUGE FULL BLOOMS!Only two left on our shelves for the sale, one red with yellow centers and one variegated! After these two we will resume the regular $100 price so this is for a limited time.



Botania, Cloth w/ Alum. Cover Botania, Plug In - Jumbo
Botania, Cloth w/ Alum. CoverBotania, Plug In - Jumbo
An empty conical cylinder is place on a tray. A single dart of flower is placed into it. When the cylinder is picked up, the dart is found to be on the tray. No magic so far. The cylinder is once again placed on the tray and a single dart of...Botania - Jumbo Deluxe - Boxed An empty conical cylinder is place on a tray. A single dart of flower is placed into it. When the cylinder is picked up, the dart is found to be on the tray. No magic so far. The cylinder is once again placed on the...



Flower Power Flower Power (DVD and Gimmick)
Flower PowerFlower Power (DVD and Gimmick)
Award winning professional balloon artist, Roger Godin the Balloon Wizard, is going to teach you some of his favorite Flower designs.If you are looking for a visual and easy magic trick to do this is your choice. The flower tricks are always very attractive.



Patriotic Super Botania Spring Bills
Patriotic Super BotaniaSpring Bills
Festive production is perfect for the 4th of JulyEveryone wishes they can make money spring up from nowhere. Now you can do just that with a pack or these handy Spring Bills.



Triple Match Botania Abbotts Blooming Bouquet
Triple Match BotaniaAbbotts Blooming Bouquet
3 color silks pushed into 3 cylinders. Open out the 3 cylinders and 3 flower bushes spring into view - colors that match the selected silks. You get 3 different colored Botanias, Silks, a Magic Wand and full color illustrated instructions. Sale ends June 30Abbott's Blooming Bouquet is complete with seven white and seven red flower blooms, Check out the Demo by Greg Bordner!



Abbotts Blooming Carnation Bouquet Abbotts Blooming Rose
Abbotts Blooming Carnation BouquetAbbotts Blooming Rose
The Carnation Blooming Bouquet is very popular with performers who pass out the original blooms to the audienceThis bud gradually blooms into a full- size flower



Abbotts Botania Abbotts Botania Special
Abbotts BotaniaAbbotts Botania Special
This is the most spectacular flower growing effect ever made!Must be seen and performed to be appreciated.



Abbotts Botaniette Abbotts Bouquet - Gigantic Bouquet
Abbotts BotanietteAbbotts Bouquet - Gigantic Bouquet
You could close a club or platform act with Botaniette and be assured of sustained applause. Check out the demonstrations by Greg Bordner.Each bouquet consists of 21 giant blooms with full foliage, made from our best quality, lifelike, feather flowers. It is easy to perform! It can be a marvelous opening effect or may be presented as a complete surprise at any time during the act.



Abbotts Bouquet - No. 1 Special Bouquet Abbotts Bouquet Deluxe Roses
Abbotts Bouquet - No. 1 Special BouquetAbbotts Bouquet Deluxe Roses
Here is a flashy bouquet at the lowest possible price. Pictured are four bouquets (complete jr garden). Bouquets are $100 each.Nothing better has ever been offered for magical purposes.



Abbotts Bouquet Economical Abbotts Bouquet Fresh Carnations
Abbotts Bouquet EconomicalAbbotts Bouquet Fresh Carnations
This is a smaller bouquet, designed to provide a sleeve bouquet at an economical price.The blooms are made from selected feathers, carefully dyed and mounted on the correct type of spring wire stem.



Abbotts Bouquet Holder Body Abbotts Bouquets & Blossoms
Abbotts Bouquet Holder BodyAbbotts Bouquets & Blossoms
A useful accessory for every magician using feather bouquets.Twenty-five brilliant and bewildering tricks with spring flowers.



Abbotts Deluxe Spring Flowers Abbotts Flashy Tub of Flowers
Abbotts Deluxe Spring Flowers Abbotts Flashy Tub of Flowers
Paper is bright in appearance and made up of assorted solid colors.This spectacular production can be performed surrounded by spectators.



Abbotts Florabella Abbotts Flower Clips
Abbotts FlorabellaAbbotts Flower Clips
Florabella is a flashy effect - a beautiful trick.The metal clips are made to accommodate 25 spring flowers.



Abbotts Flower in Button Hole Abbotts Flower Production
Abbotts Flower in Button HoleAbbotts Flower Production
Here is a great opening trick utilizing an improved method.The secret is in the construction of the packet of spring flowers which may be used over and over again.



Abbotts Garden of Flowers Gigantic Abbotts Garden of Flowers Junior
Abbotts Garden of Flowers GiganticAbbotts Garden of Flowers Junior
Add some color to YOUR act today.This unit has the same effect as Abbott's Senior Garden of Flowers except that the cloth is a simple cotton print material and the bouquets are four of Abbott's Number One Special Bouquets.



Abbotts Garden of Flowers Senior Abbotts Glove to Spring Flower Bouquet
Abbotts Garden of Flowers SeniorAbbotts Glove to Spring Flower Bouquet
The fancy-patterned cloth is self-contained for the production of four bouquetsA self-working trick that is always well received



Abbotts Gloves to Bouquet Abbotts Goofus Plant
Abbotts Gloves to BouquetAbbotts Goofus Plant
The magician enters either wearing a pair of white gloves or carrying them. If worn, they are removed and in a natural manner they are placed together and thrown into the air. The transformation that follows is startling! In place of the gloves...The smash climax is a surprise which will bring forth terrific applause and laughter



Abbotts Lapel Flower Abbotts Match to Flower
Abbotts Lapel FlowerAbbotts Match to Flower
This is a perfectly formed carnation bloom made from feathers.This is NOT a paper or plastic flower made overseas. It is a quality feather flower trick made by Abbott's. No sleight of hand--mechanical.



Abbotts Newspaper to Flowers Abbotts Special Spring Flower
Abbotts Newspaper to FlowersAbbotts Special Spring Flower
This is a good follow-up to the Torn & Restored Newspaper effect or may be performed as an individual trick.The outside leaves are made of green silk.



Abbotts Super Botania Flowers that Bloom with a Spring
Abbotts Super BotaniaFlowers that Bloom with a Spring
This most spectacular flower production has many features that should not be overlooked.Here are 50 tricks and ideas with spring flowers to add sparkle to your show.



Indestructible Bouquets Napkin Rose, DVD
Indestructible BouquetsNapkin Rose, DVD
We can supply bouquets of assorted color blooms or solid colors, Please specify when ordering. This bouquet (best for general usage) is 12" in height and has a spread of nearly 12", when opened.The easiest way to learn how to twist great looking Napkin Roses.



Wilting Flower
Wilting Flower
Slowly, the stem and the rose wilt over in a tipsy manner. The magician looks at the audience in surprise and as he does the stem returns to its former position. He looks at it again and the rose wilts in the opposite direction - and again comes back to its former position. Demo


1 - 43 of 43 items