Funnel, Comedy - Morrissey

Funnel, Comedy - Morrissey
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  • Manufacturer: Fun
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The performer who features comedy magic in their routine must have a COMEDY FUNNEL.

Many, many routines are possible with the Comedy Funnel, You request a member of the audience to assist you. The assistant drinks a glass of liquid such as milk, soda pop or water. Now the fun begins?the performer picks up the Comedy Funnel and places it under the assistants bent elbow. A second assistant is requested to assist in the pumping of the spectators arm up and down. It is an hilarious sight. Suddenly - the liquid starts to spurt from the funnel into a glass held by the performer, the flow now starts and stops. It gets funnier and funnier-OR-you can pour milk in a childs ear, (using a Magic Milk Pitcher) or make a hole in his elbow, (using a Comedy Fake Ice Pick) then proceed with pumping the fluid from his elbow.

The Comedy Funnel can be used anytime in your program; the flow of the liquid is always under the control of the magician. The Comedy Funnel combines all the best ingredients, mystery, magic, comedy, entertainment and audience participation. A winning combination! Every childrens entertainer should own this very versatile prop, not only amusing but also a real laugh. The Comedy funnel is great to use with the Magic Milk Pitcher, Foo Can, Milk Glass, and may other comedy magic props.

Made in aluminum, highly polished. Stands 6½" high. Looks like a regular funnel so will not cause suspicion.