Gently Used Abbotts Cube On Release

Gently Used Abbotts Cube On Release
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  • Item #: ABBcubonrel
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $200.00

With an Additional Presentation by Neil Foster

Used but in great condition

Two lengths of unprepared rope are passed for inspection. A block of wood, over five inches cubical with a hole running through its center, is also passed for examination. The two ropes are threaded through the block. The performer holds the ropes by their ends with the block suspended in the center. It is turned around slowly, showing all to be fair. The block is set on the stand with the ends of the rope remaining in full view. The top of the stand is fastened down, forming a framework around the block. The ropes are pulled back and forth ... the entire stand with the block in place may be lifted by the ropes. Spectators may hold onto the ends of the ropes. The ends of the rope never leaves the sight of the audience yet, impossible as it seems, the performer now slowly removes the block from the frame ... penetrating through the ropes! A Jack Hughes creation.