Gently Used Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects (Tannens)

Gently Used Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects (Tannens)
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Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects (Tannens) $100 – “A comprehensive collection of the best mental tricks of recent years.” In offering this book of practical mental effects to the magical fraternity, we are paying tribute to the one man who probably did more to popularize this branch of entertainment than any other—Theodore Annemann—whose brilliant contributions to the field of Mental Magic will remain as an everlasting memorial to his genius. Edited by John J Crimmins, Jr. Illustrations by Nelson Hahne. Published by Louis Tannen’s Magic Shop. Copyright 1944 by Max Holden; copyright 1963 by Louis Tannen. Hardcover, with dust jacket; 193 pages; very good condition.