Gently Used Birthday Card Surprise Screen

Gently Used Birthday Card Surprise Screen
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  • Item #: gubicarsu
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $30.00
Birthday Card Surprise Screen $30 – The classic UF Grant Temple Screen trick updated—with a twist! Show all sides of a brightly colored flat screen. Fold the screen up into a triangle, and immediately produce LOADS of items! What a great way to produce solid silks, message silks, streamers, playing cards, spring flowers, or mouth coils. But wait—there’s more! When you fold the screen flaps in a particular order, it looks like one side is all birthday cakes, and the other side is all birthday presents. When you fold the screen again, two of the panels are birthday cakes—and one side is a birthday MESSAGE, a picture of a magic top hat and the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"! When the screen is folded to reveal the Happy Birthday message, you can reach inside and pull out a real birthday gift for the guest of honor. No skill necessary! No tipping, no body loads, no fancy moves. Very useful and loads of fun! A great, surprising, colorful presentation. Very good condition, with original instructions.