Gently Used Deluxe Crystal-Cut Milk Pitcher with Book

Gently Used Deluxe Crystal-Cut Milk Pitcher with Book
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Deluxe Crystal-Cut Milk Pitcher with Milk Pitcher Magic (Hen Fetsch) $55 – Probably the best milk pitcher on the market because it has such a psychological impact. This large, deluxe, 9-inch-tall pitcher holds more milk than you need. It’s so deceptive looking … it’s hard to believe! Constructed of crystal-cut Lucite. A great utilitarian and professional prop. It’s used for the Vanishing Milk Pitcher trick: A pitcher of milk is displayed. A paper bag or a sheet of newspaper formed into a cone is picked up by the magician. The milk from the pitcher is poured into the bag or paper cone. Now magi says a magic word and the paper is crushed. The milk has vanished! The style and design of the pitcher is unique. The way the crystal is cut makes it virtually impossible to see the actual secret-magic action! Professional stage size (9" x 5") is great for parlour and stage magic. We are including the Milk Pitcher Magic book by Hen Fetsch for many ideas and routines.