Gently Used Jumbo Fraidy Cat Rabbit (MAK Magic)

Gently Used Jumbo Fraidy Cat Rabbit (MAK Magic)
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Price $225.00
Sale Price $180.00
Jumbo Fraidy Cat Rabbit (MAK Magic) $225 – Display a jumbo wood frame, 18- by 12- by 2-inches, and open the front and back swinging doors. Now show a jumbo wood slide of a black rabbit that fits inside the frame. This rabbit slide is put into the frame, and now for the magic! The kids yell “scary rabbit!” The BLACK rabbit changes to WHITE! The kids are screaming! After several changes they realize you are just turning the frame around. Remove the slide and turn it around. On the back is the TAIL of the rabbit, no face at all! The rabbit's face has vanished! You are left clean with the heads-and-tail wooden slide, and the empty frame. This jumbo version of the classic Fraidy Cat Rabbit is large enough for the stage, and in like new condition, with original instructions.