Gently Used Max Maven Books

Gently Used Max Maven Books
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Max Maven books + Deja Voodoo $60 – For the mentalist, a great package deal. Two books by Phil Goldstein (Max Maven): Thabbatical (1994) and The Red Book of Mentalism (1977). Plus, Deja Voodoo, a mentalism effect by Bob Farmer. Here’s what Bob has to say about Deja Voodoo: “Deja Voodoo is not a book test, it is a prediction. I think of a book test as something completely different: a word is thought of in a book and the magician is able to read the thought. Deja Voodoo is primarily a card trick with a dictionary thrown in for laughs. The impact of a trick has nothing to do with its method because the method is invisible to the audience -- this also means that a great method doesn't guarantee a great impact. Whether Deja Voodoo has impact as an effect is a question I can't answer for everyone, but it works for me.”