Gently Used Showboat Pilot Wheel Paper Tear (Tommy Windsor)

Gently Used Showboat Pilot Wheel Paper Tear (Tommy Windsor)
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Price $30.00
Sale Price $20.00
Showboat Pilot Wheel Paper Tear (Tommy Windsor) $50 – As perfected by Tommy Windsor in his own act over many years. You tear a pilot wheel out of white paper, show it and refold. Make another tear or two in the same paper and this time you have the showboat chorus girls in a line and on fluorescent paper in striking color instead of plain white paper!

From the package label: “You get an actual example, made up and ready to perform. But that’s not all! You also receive a large, 8 1/2- by 11-inch size booklet with complete information, patter, giant illustrations, and 11- by 17-inch patterns of what the folded paper should look like and of the exact pattern to be followed in doing this terrific effect. Great for M.C.s, magicians, all entertainers. Looks like it requires great skill but is oh so easy with our detailed package. Great for adults or kids with slight variations in patter. For the largest or the smallest audience.”

This is a vintage, unopened, new, old-stock paper tear. We have not seen what is inside, nor have we ever seen this trick. The original package is sealed. You will receive this effect as it was originally sold by the manufacturer. Extremely rare, especially in this condition. A great collector’s item!