Gently Used Spoon Bend (Barry Price)

Gently Used Spoon Bend (Barry Price)
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  • Item #: gusponbend
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $30.00
Sale Price $20.00
Spoon Bend (Barry Price) $50 – The ultimate impromptu spoon-bending effect. A sturdy metal spoon is held between your index finger and thumb. You focus your attention on the spoon and begin to concentrate. Suddenly, the spoon begins to bend almost as if it's melting in response to your hypnotic gaze, right in front of your audience's eyes—NO COVER!! The handle of the spoon bends back toward your hand, through your fingers, and down to nearly a 90-degree bend! It is then instantly dropped directly onto a table or into your spectator's waiting hand! Like new condition, with spoon, gimmick, and instructions.