Gently Used Tale of the Cat (Practical Magic)

Gently Used Tale of the Cat (Practical Magic)
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Price $95.00
Tale of the Cat (Practical Magic) $125 – The performer shows a large cut-out of a cat with a long black tail. This is his cat, he tells the children, and his name is Midnight. What Midnight loves most of all is being stroked. The performer strokes him, which the cat obviously enjoys, but unfortunately, Midnight’s tail falls off! Attempts to replace the tail fail disastrously, until someone suggests using magic.

Midnight is placed back on his wall, and the tail is popped into a bag, from which it mysteriously vanishes. “No problem!” says the performer. “It’s obviously back on the cat,” which of course it is, except that when Midnight is uncovered, he’s now got a bright PINK tail! The business is repeated, but, this time things are even worse as Midnight has a YELLOW tail! Spells having failed, Midnight is held between the performer’s hands, and the children are asked merely to wish for a tail. As they do so, INSTANTLY and VISIBLY there is Midnight with his proper black tail!

This is a lovely, and very different children’s trick, with plenty of colour, fun, participation and magic. It packs flat, but plays BIG! You will need a standard Change Bag or Devil’s Hank to perform the suggested routine. Includes a wall with turn-button feet for easy packing, one black tail, one pink tail, one yellow tail, and one cut-out cat with a “spring” black tail attached. This is like new and was likely never used; however, there is a slight blemish on the “brick wall” that might easily be repaired using tape or glue. Rare item; a UK exclusive; original instructions; over 24 inches in height when the cat sits on top of the brick wall.