Gently Used The Intercessor (Gaetan Bloom)

Gently Used The Intercessor (Gaetan Bloom)
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Sale Price $35.00
The Intercessor (Gaetan Bloom) $40 – This is a truly fantastic universal gimmick! One of the most powerful subterfuges used in card magic is the torn corner principle (i.e., one card is chosen, a corner is torn off, kept by a spectator and the rest of the card is destroyed. The card is then found restored in an impossible location, inside a cigarette, a lemon or a small safe buried under a tree as Robert Houdin used in his time. The card is not only restored but the corner matches, proving that it is the same card). All of these great mysteries work on the same principle, “the corner switch,” and the torn corner of the forced selected card being switched for a corner of the duplicate card, already set-up in the final location.

From now on, thanks to “The Intercessor” you will be able to achieve all these effects, without switching any corner at any time. More than that, once the card has been selected, the spectator can even sign the corner of the card, this corner will be ripped off and given to the spectator. At this moment he will check that the torn corner matches perfectly to the card. Only then the card will be destroyed and found restored where you want, with no false move at any time.

This is the original version from 2004 as sold by Kevin James and is new old store stock, in very good condition, with original packaging and instruction booklet.