Gently Used Ultimate Six Card Deja Vu

Gently Used Ultimate Six Card Deja Vu
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Price $20.00
Ultimate Six Card Deja Vu (Nick Lewin) $35 – Everything needed to perform this routine is included in this package, including a DVD that details every move, rhythm, and detail to perform this routine exactly as Nick does it. You will be able to add this classic to your show with confidence after a minimum of rehearsal time with the many subtleties revealed on this detailed DVD. The routine is fast, funny, and really packs a punch! As effective performing for kids as it is for adults, this is the kind of magic that will make you a better magician and entertainer. Nick has been performing and refining this routine for nearly thirty years and shares every detail needed to make it as big a hit in your show as it is in his. The 6 Card Repeat is a classic that has stood the test of time, here it has been streamlined and given a twist that improves audience reaction vastly. Like new.