Gently Used Zebra Silk Set (Laflin Magic) & The Bag (Dan Tong)

Gently Used Zebra Silk Set (Laflin Magic) & The Bag (Dan Tong)
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Price $75.00
Zebra Silk Set (Laflin Magic) with The Bag (Dan Tong) $95 – First it’s black; then it’s white. And just when your audience is sure they know how you did it, the black and white silks “morph” together and BAM!, it instantly turns into a zebra silk! A real fooler, and a great laugh-getter! Comes with three beautifully screened 18-inch genuine colored silks and complete instructions and routine. PLUS, this package-deal comes with The Bag, a versatile change bag that appears to simply be a fancy bag. Items are placed inside, then the bag is “ripped” apart to reveal the silk transformation. Or shown to be empty. Or however else you want to use it to change one object into another. The edges of the bag are lined with Velcro. This creates a quick tearing sound, and allows the prop to be put back together. Using a quick tear-apart motion, the silk (or other object inside) will “fly” up in the air and out of the bag for a surprise, flash appearance. The Bag is of high-quality construction, ensuring years of great use! The Zebra Silk Set and The Bag are both like new; never been used; and include original instructions.