Giant Squaring the Circle

Giant Squaring the Circle
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  • Item #: ABBsqrngthecrcle
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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An all-metal ring is shown - a perfect circle (fifteen inches in diameter). It is tossed into the air. The performer says, “Scientists state that it is impossible to ‘square the circle’. It just can’t be done. Yet, that is just what you will see me do! Here is a metal ring, a complete unbroken circle. No openings - secret or otherwise - in this ring. Notice that I hold this ring at the extreme fingertips and, quicker than the eye can wink, right before your eyes, it is now a perfect square!” (The square is twelve inches on a side.)

No covering of any kind! This is a visible change. Instant! Startling! Baffling! Made entirely from chrome-plated metal. This effect requires no skill and no practice. It takes less than one minute to master and we know you will be so fascinated by this ingenious effect that you will do it over and over again for your own amusement, even before showing it to your audiences.