Girl Without a Middle

Girl Without a Middle
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  • Item #: ABBQUOgwoamdl
  • Manufacturer: Abbotts/Chadwick
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This is one of the most popular of the modern day illusions. A girl enters the cabinet and is secured with arm and leg shackles. All the doors are closed. Two solid metal plates are then inserted through the cabinet, one below the head and one below the torso of the body. The doors are then opened. The head and legs are very much in evidence ... but the body is missing! The back of the cabinet is opened allowing the audience to see right through. The head and feet move, proving that parts of the girl are there. The doors are all closed, the metal plates are removed, the doors are opened again and out steps the girl when freed from her shackles. A real mystifier that must be seen to be appreciated. Our version is lightweight yet, at the same time, built to stand hard wear and tear. The illusion is finished in lacquer in an Oriental design. (Workshop plans available.)